3 dating tips for marketers…incoming!

How do you feel about stalkers? Stupid question isn’t it. And I’m sure that your friends, family and customers would agree that stalkers really aren’t cool, right?

It’s time to take a look at your inbound marketing efforts because when reaching out to new people – regardless of context – shouldn’t we all be playing the dating game?

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Do you really need to ‘pay to play’ on social media?

So I have a question: how the heck are we supposed to get noticed and win SEO points nowadays when literally everyone is adopting the same techniques and competing for the same space?

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How to stay creative in a corporate world

As a copywriter, content marketer (I could be referred to as either depending on who you ask – but that’s a different story) and general wordsmith, I’d most certainly fall into the ‘creative’ bucket of candidates.

And although being a ‘creative’ sounds cool and fashionable it can actually be pretty tough; particularly in a corporate world.

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Mastering tone of voice

Do you dedicate much time and thought to the way you say what you say?

Contrary to popular belief, content isn’t everything. Not in isolation, anyway.

Tone of voice is crucial if you really want to stand out in your market – rather than just in it.

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How Google stays innovative – Dan Cobley provides top tips at JLA breakfast

This week, I attended a JLA speaker breakfast featuring Dan Cobley, former MD at Google UK, where we discussed the importance of innovation and how businesses like Google facilitate creativity.

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