How to create a successful integrated marketing campaign that gets results

I’d like to share with you details of a recent campaign I created for a company called Cobia. This post was written with the intention of helping guide fellow marketers in their campaign planning approach, and show how quantifiable results in marketing can now be easily achieved using integrated online reporting and measurement tools.

Project brief/introduction

Cobia is a professional services outsourcing provider specialising in accountancy, employment tax, expenses & benefits management, payroll and pensions auto enrolment solutions.

The government were due to provide a pensions auto enrolment staging date to companies with between 1 and 25o employees by April 2014 . This SME market is Cobia’s primary client base, and the fact that Cobia already specialise in payroll meant that they could conveniently remove the administrative burden of auto enrolment by adjusting payslips in accordance with new pension law as they passed through the payroll process.

For a small fee of £1.50 per payroll per month, the hassle of auto enrolment could be confidently taken away. Cobia were also working in collaboration with Scottish Widows to offer a bespoke auto enrolment platform for typically low salary transient workforces – an undesirable market for many pension providers due to low margins.

We had our USP. We could target the security and facilities management sector – already a substantial proportion of our client base – and offer them an affordable and easy solution to pension auto enrolment that no other company could at the time; a simple service bolt on that could prove considerably profitable for Cobia.


To increase awareness of new pension auto enrolment service offering and increase sales conversions within 3 months.

Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning

Identified B2B target markets:

  • Cross selling to existing clients with up to 250 employees
  • Targeting new clients within the security and facilities management industry with up to 250 employees
  • SIA (security industry association) members with up to 250 employees
  • HR Managers and Financial Directors

By segmenting the above data we can produce tailored, personalised campaigns to ensure a unique approach to individuals at different stages of the sales cycle.

My integrated approach

Existing clients – cross sell

Existing clients were presented to face to face by sales teams who already had established relationships with point of contacts. Cobia Account Managers were supported with sales collateral and auto enrolment guides created in partnership with Scottish Widows. Personalised e-marketing campaigns were sent to those ‘warm’ clients who expressed interest but did not formally commit to the sale.


Wider audience – web focus

  • Create landing page – positioned as a pensions auto enrolment ‘mini guide’ on what SME’s should expect regarding the impending implementation
  • PPC campaign – tailored ad groups to drive traffic to page. Measurable Ad Goals: visits to landing page & request an information pack download
  • Content marketing – tailored blog content to feature 2 pension specific articles per week and 1 link building post distributed to third party sites
  • Social media promotions – daily posts promoting snippets of the landing page guide and blog posts


  • Professional Security magazine – monthly circ 25,000, 85% SME’s and readership demographic – HR Managers, Managing Directors and Financial Directors
  • Historical data proved this Title had best ROI for Cobia
  • Paid quarterly full page advertorial
  • Rolling banner ad on Professional Security site with link to Cobia pensions landing page

SIA Members

Member data segmented and e-marketing mailers sent from SIA on behalf of Cobia to introduce services. Power of association through strong partnership with industry body,


  • To provide a dynamic introduction to auto enrolment and what it means for SME’s, and position Cobia as experts in field
  • Keynote speaker from Scottish Widows
  • Recorded and available to download after session


The webinar was a huge success with approximately 200 registered and 122 attendees. Further downloads after the event supported this and positive feedback in surveys and social media polls proved it was a successful way to position Cobia as reliable advisors in this area.

Face to face meetings were arranged with 6 SIA members. These are still in progress but considering the low cost of e-marketing and based on the annual earning potential of just 1 client with 250 employees @ £1.50 per head per month, the return on investment from just one client will be substantial and enough to justify the annual SIA membership fee (not to mention additional benefits e.g. access to information).

Within 1 month, overall website traffic increased by 18%, of which 80% can be attributed to the pensions landing page. We can see traffic sources range from third party websites, social media platforms and paid for advertising. There was a total of 98 goal completions within 1 month for the PPC element of the project.


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